Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Manifesto

Daniel Fiallo
Ms.Sierra & Mr.Patterson
Manifesto  12.1
4 May 2014
Daniel Fiallo:  My Manifesto

My name is Daniel Orlando Fiallo Jaime. I was born in Bucaramanga, Colombia and raised in Miami, Florida. I am a student, an ambitious entrepreneur, outgoing person, fluent speaker in English and Spanish, athlete, basketball player, good speaker, team player, exceptional computer user, a leader, and a person with amazing potential. This paper you are reading was assigned to me in order to identify my inspirations, motivations and dreams.

In the year 2000 my family and I moved to the United States to Miami Florida I lived there for twelve years living a sheltered life. We first moved  to an apartment complex named “Fontanblue” my family had no money and so us five my two brothers ,mom ,and dad had to share a two bedroom apartment the only thing we were able to afford where the beds which where three. This is where I learned the value of a dollar. Never take things for granted my dad always told me. In the year 2004 at the tender age of nine I began working with my dad in the flea market. Some wouldn’t call that working but when you’re nine it sure feels like it.In the year 2005 I moved with my family to a city called Doral. Our economic situation was much better now I remember when I was living in Fontanblue my dad would bring things from the dumps some of these items included sofas, computer parts and chairs.

Now, at the age of ten I moved into Doral I was the new kid. But who really is the new kid in third grade? I was happy we were no longer living in a place that can be considered a ghetto for Hispanics but instead a place where people had more than they needed. During summer in my fifth year of elementary school I became obsessed with playing video games and dammit I was so good. I could beat people four years older than me .But in my life this is probably the moment I learned that obsession is not a good thing. I became fat although I was athletic I was fat. I could beat other people at sports but they would just laugh and call me fat. My three years in middle school where the worst three years of my life filled with no friends and being the subject of ridicule. Not only that but I learned not to break the rules I became a trouble maker being in the principal’s office at least once a month. Middle school taught me very valuable lessons, behave, say no to obsessions and don’t be fat.

In high school I dropped my obsessions with video games, joined the wrestling team became fascinated with technology and began my love for basketball. I became so fit wrestling practice from 2:40pm to 4:40pm and basketball in the park everyday till from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. I was happy new people and friends I was having the time of my life. My fascination with technology made me a very well informed person at fifteen years of age at this point I began to work at my uncle’s cellphone shop. I learned to fix phones working there I learned another lesson fix things don’t throw them away and buy something new just because it’s easier.

For two years in a row I attended an entrepreneurship camp called “Ultimate Life Summit” ULS for short. In this camp I learned their 7 mindsets: Everything is Possible, Passion First, We Are Connected, 100% Accountable, Attitude of Gratitude, Live to Give, and The Time is Now! These are the 7 mindsets that choose to live by and follow every day. Apart from learning these priceless mindsets I received Dale Carnegie training giving me exceptional public speaking abilities. Those two years were what really inspired me to chase my dreams and challenge myself. Those two years helped me make my decision of choosing to become a business administrator.

The year 2012 my whole life changed. I moved to Colombia my native place of birth. Boom! What a culture shock that was! I became the new kid this time in eleventh grade in a school were fellow peers have been together since pre-kindergarten. I truly felt like such an outsider. This experience gave me a little curiosity about different cultures the summer of my eleventh year of high school I traveled to Europe with my brothers. Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, and France. God what a trip. I met so many people, became a man, and learned what the world has to offer. I decided in that moment I wanted to become an International Business Administrator. I want to learn all the things other country’s apply and bring that into my native place of birth Colombia and make it better.

The year 2014 Dubai, spring break. As soon as I arrived to Dubai I was speechless how something can that was desert ten years ago be this modern? The will of man to move towards the future is fantastic. During my time in Dubai I learned that the king of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum plans to turn Dubai into the tourist capital of the world. How? This is what truly inspired me. The king sent all his most trusted peers all over the world and told them: why do people want to go there? Whatever is there tell me. And so the idea of Dubai Land came to be. Dubai Land is a project that is set to become an international tourism hub. My time in Dubai truly let me see that everything is possible.

Seeing the globalization of the world in Ten years I see myself opening charities, owning my own international business, managing properties, having the best human resources I can have ,and applying all the techniques that I have I learned in institutions, seminars and international communities into the workplace.

            Albert Einstein once said “We cannot solve problems we face with the same level of thinking that created them.” I will help shape the world into a place where we are all equal. I will help shape the world into a place where there is no poverty. I will help shape the world into a place where we can share each other’s cultures without fear of prejudice. I will help shape the world into a place where everyone can have a job. I will help shape the world into a place where we can ask for help and receive it with a smile.

This is my declaration as a student, an ambitious entrepreneur, outgoing person, fluent speaker in English and Spanish, athlete, basketball player, good speaker, team player, exceptional computer user, a leader, and a person with amazing potential. I know I will accomplish all of this because everything is possible!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mix Tape Hamlet

Pink Floyd- What Do You Want From Me
I chose this song because it’s mixed and a little puzzling like Hamlet was during that entire play. Also, the chorus is very crucial because it reminds me of the thoughts going through one's head. The lyrics are also very appropriate for the ghost scene too. This song metaphorically represents the moments before Hamlet sees the ghost of his father and what he was thinking as he is going to see him. “You’re so hard to please what you want from me” is perhaps the lyrics that relate to the ghost scene the most because Hamlet is faces with the ghost of his father and he doesn’t know what the ghost wants from him but wants to know what the ghost wants from him as supported by the following lines:” Ah, poor ghost!” “Speak I’m ready to hear you.”

Trapt- Stand Up
I selected this song for this play not only because of the lyrics but because of the aggression in the song. Hamlet was furious when his father told him he was assassinated. The hostility in this song appears to be uncontrollable just like Hamlet's. This song is hypothetically represents Hamlet's reasoning and incentive for his revenge the moment after hearing the news that Claudius was the one that killed his father. The most important lyrics of this song are as follows:” I have had enough Walk away before I finish what you started Face to face I will push you in your place End this game before I finish what you started Face to face everything will change”. This songs relates the most to the scene that Hamlet dedicates himself to seek revenge for his father’s death.”That youth and observation copied there; And thy commandment all alone shall live Within the book and volume of my brain, Unmix'd with baser matter: yes, by heaven!” These lines from “Hamlet” support my previous statement because Hamlet states that he will follow the ghost’s commandments which is to take revenge for his death.”

Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train
I selected this song because it’s perfect to portray someone’s initiation into the world of madness. Hamlet goes crazy when he finds out that his uncle murdered his father and that Hamlet dedicates himself to seeking revenge for his father’s murder. Another character that this song relates to is Ophelia because she goes crazy when her father is murder. The most important lyrics from this song are:” Mental wounds not healing Life’s a bitter shame I’m going off the rails on a crazy train” These lyrics relate more to Hamlet the moment he becomes crazy when he becomes dedicated to murder his uncle because he was the one responsible for his father’s  assassination. Hamlet is so crazy that in fact in the play he pretends to be crazy! Which in general just makes him seem even crazier because of how far he intends to go in order to seek revenge for his father’s murder. The relation to between the song and the play should not be left out when talking about Ophelia. The reason I strongly believe this is because Ophelia ends up becoming the direct representation of madness in the play.

The Clash-Should I Stay or Should I go.
The reason why I chose this song is because it just fits right at home with “Hamlet” and the protagonists attitude toward life or death. In the play “Hamlet” we are shown one of the most famous line in literature history “To be or not to be.”. To live or not to live. In the song “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by the clash the following lyrics” Should I stay or should I go? If I go there will be trouble An if I stay it will be double” I would say it’s almost a direct relation between Hamlets suicidal thoughts when he discovers about his father’s murder. Another direct relation from the song is Hamlets insecurity about the question “To be or not to be” Hamlet falls into a pit of despair because he doesn’t know what to do he believes death will set him free from despair.” This indecisions bugging me Esta undecision me molesta If you don't want me, set me free.” These lyrics are a representation of Hamlets indecisive attitude.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Dark Web Sonnet

The Dark Web
By Daniel Fiallo

Dark and deep the web that's unknown;hidden.
Easily found but is hard to explore.
A land of crime and secrets forbidden.
Two sides of the land ; good and bad tore.

A market where you can buy anything.
The doors open conspiracy's out.
The land where governments don't have anything
and where most  of the people have their doubts.

You never know what you will face in there.
A dangerous place you don't want to be.
But the curiosity makes you go bare
The deeper you flow the scarier free.

But when browsing it doesn't surprise swine.
Friend,close your browser the Dark web is mine.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hamlet Line Anaylsis

This line is spoken by Marcellus in Act I, scene iv (67)
"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."
In this scene Hamlet and Marcelius are having a debate. This debate is about whether to follow the ghost or not. In general, this quote mentions that the ghost is a bad indication of things to come to Denmark hence " Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." To me the Ghost represents corruption in Denmark. Later in the Story we are told that the ghost is a representation of king Hamlets Murder (Corruption).